Laser-assisted cataract surgery

Laser-assisted Cataract Surgery With new, modern advances in technique & technology, cataract surgery has never been safer or more effective Blade-less computer controlled laser approach to new, modern cataract surgery If you are facing the onset of cataracts you know how difficult life can become with impaired vision. You might be struggling with night vision […]

Toric IOLs

What is a Toric IOL and how does it work? Toric lens implants are a unique type of monofocal lens implant that are used to correct and/or reduce high amounts of astigmatism. Asymmetric steepening of the cornea or natural lens causes light to be focused unevenly, which is the main optical problem in astigmatism. To individuals […]

Crystalens and Trulign

What is the Crystalens®? The Crystalens® is an FDA-approved intraocular lens for the visual correction of adults with cataracts (clouded lenses) with or without presbyopia, or lenses that have aged or become more rigid. The Crystalens® was modeled after the human eye. Like the natural lens, it uses the eye muscle to flex and accommodate […]

TECNIS Symfony

TECNIS Symfony® IOL The TECNIS Symfony® IOL mitigates the effects of presbyopia so you can empower your patients to see clearly across different ranges of vision. Delivering excellent uncorrected visual acuity (VA) at most all distances,1 the TECNIS Symfony® IOL allows your patients to see clearly across different ranges of vision. Rather than splitting light into distinct focal points, the TECNIS Symfony® IOL elongates focus, resulting in […]


AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL ReSTOR Lens FDA Clinical Trials Show 80% of Patients Are Spectacle FREE after surgery. The AcrySof ReSTOR lens is a foldable IOL that represents breakthrough technology because of its unique, patented optic design, which allows patients to experience the highest level of freedom from glasses ever achieved in IOL clinical trials. The […]

How Do I Pay for Cataract Surgery?

How Do I Pay for Cataract Surgery? Surgery to remove cataracts is covered by Medicare. Medicare only pays expenses directly related to the cataracts. If you had a non Medicare-covered condition before developing cataracts, you may be able to treat that during the same surgery, but Medicare will only cover the costs associated with cataracts. […]

Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing a Surgeon Selecting a cataract surgeon can be difficult if you are not properly educated about cataracts, cataract surgery and advancements in the new technology. We hope that our educational ophthalmology website has provided an easy to understand outlook on the state of cataract surgery. Although cataract surgery is one of the most performed […]

Premium lens implants

Premium lens implants Introduction to Premium Lens Implants A new lifestyle alternative If your doctor has told you that you are in the early stages of developing cataracts or has suggested that refractive lens exchange would be a good vision correction option, you might want to research the new emerging lens implant technology in the […]

What is the New, Modern Cataract Surgery?

About Cataract Surgery What happens during cataract surgery? Phacoemulsification Cataract surgery is the only way to remove a cataract and restore clear vision. The doctors at our practice are experts in cataract surgery and will recommend cataract surgery when the cataracts begin to limit your activities. The procedure is performed in a state of the […]

What are cataracts?

What is a cataract? Many patients think that a cataract is actually a film that spreads over the surface of the eye. Some patients are even concerned that cataracts will make them go blind. In reality a cataract is a natural occurring change in the eye that is a gradual clouding that makes vision less […]