The TECNIS Symfony® IOL mitigates the effects of presbyopia so you can empower your patients to see clearly across different ranges of vision. Delivering excellent uncorrected visual acuity (VA) at most all distances,1 the TECNIS Symfony® IOL allows your patients to see clearly across different ranges of vision. Rather than splitting light into distinct focal points, the TECNIS Symfony® IOL elongates focus, resulting in an increased depth of field. This empowers you to deliver ranges of continuous vision while maintaining high image contrast.

Defocus Curve1

6-Month Data, Bilaterally Implanted Subjects

  • Sustained 20/25 or better mean VA through 1.5 D
  • Sustained 20/40 or better mean VA through 2.5 D
  • Increase of 1.0 D range of vision throughout the defocus curve

The TECNIS Symfony® IOL is capable of delivering 20/20 or better vision through 1.5 D of astigmatism.1

Deliver the visual quality that allows your patients with and without astigmatism to see clearly in any lighting condition.

  • High-quality distance vision in the presence of astigmatism2
  • Pupil-independent performance enables optimal performance in any lighting condition1
  • Low overall spectacle wear1

85% of patients wear glasses none or a little bit of the time.1

By combining a unique diffractive pattern with achromatic technology, the TECNIS Symfony® IOL delivers outstanding visual acuity over a continuous range of distances while maintaining high contrast performance.

  • Proprietary relief profile elongates focus1
  • Proprietary achromatic technology corrects chromatic aberration and enhances image contrast1

Degree of Difficulty with Visual Symptoms1

Percentage of Eyes, Non-Directed Reports, 6 Months Postoperative

Low incidence of visual symptoms, including halos, glare and starbursts1